Jiangsu ChangAn Well Cover Co., Ltd. is located in the National Economic Development Zone of Taixing Section of the Yangtze River Golden Waterway, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan and an area of 25 acres. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has always adhered to the principle of "innovation as the guide, quality as the market, system as the guarantee, and learning as the development". With accurate market positioning and efficient marketing strategies, it has rapidly developed into a large domestic research and development, production One of the manufacturers of composite material manhole cover series products that are sold in one, is a domestic manufacturer of composite material manhole covers that do not use metal reinforcement, and is also one of the drafters of industry standards for composite material manhole covers, establishing the company's position in the composite material manhole cover industry.

Changan has its own product research and development team, including 2 senior engineers. We are driven by technological innovation and aim to solve on-site problems for users, allowing users to share with us the economic value brought by technology to our products. In 2002, "Chang'an" was evaluated by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Construction as a provincial construction technology achievement promotion project. In recent years, the company has successively won the invention patent certificate, utility model patent certificate, appearance design patent certificate issued by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, and the high-tech product certification of Jiangsu Province. In order to continuously update production technology, as early as 2002, the company collaborated with the Department of Building Materials at Southeast University to overcome one technical problem after another. In 2006, it also collaborated with Nanjing University of Technology and was authorized as the plasma material science industrialization base of Nanjing University of Technology. With the rapid transformation of new technologies and achievements, the company maintains the high reliability of its products.

Quality is the life of a product. The company has a powerful production line composed of dozens of large hydraulic presses, mixing machines, kneading machines, etc., multiple fixed and movable testing equipment, a set of precision raw material testing equipment, and a mold processing CNC center. To ensure product quality, Changan has established a scientific and rigorous quality management system, which comprehensively permeates the production and inspection processes of products. Every process from raw material control to production, as well as the quality inspection and delivery of finished products, must undergo strict inspections: each batch of raw materials must undergo sampling testing, and unqualified raw materials are prohibited from being stored; Every employee is responsible for the production steps and product quality they participate in, and strictly follows the production regulations; Each finished product in the workshop must pass the appearance and load-bearing capacity test before it can be put into storage and leave the factory. Changan actively approaches international standards and has successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. It is precisely the persistence of "Chang'an people" that has been recognized by government agencies and numerous enterprises: in 2002, they obtained the "Xuzhou Construction Engineering New Technology and New Product Promotion and Use License Certificate" issued by the Xuzhou Construction Bureau, and in 2004, they obtained the "Shanghai New Construction Engineering Material Certification Certificate" issued by the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Industry Association The "Wuxi Municipal Public Works Product Quality Supervision Registration Certificate" issued by the Wuxi Municipal Engineering Quality Supervision Station and the "Nantong Construction Engineering Materials and Components Registration Certificate" issued by the Nantong Construction New Technology Promotion Station; In the same year, the Jiangdu Construction Bureau issued a notice on promoting the use of "Chang'an YW reinforced composite material manhole covers"; In 2007, it was designated as a specialized product by the Construction Bureau of Taixing City; In 2008, obtained the membership of Jiangsu Water Supply Industry Association; In 2009, I obtained membership in the Shanghai Water Supply Industry Association.

As time goes by, "Changan"'s products have evolved from relatively simple inspection manhole covers and water meter manhole covers to products with nearly a hundred specifications and models in six categories: inspection manhole covers, water meter manhole covers, rainwater grates, cable trench covers, grass planting manhole covers, and tree protection boards. Chang'an has won a wide market with its technological strength, production equipment, comprehensive testing methods, and thoughtful after-sales service, becoming an ideal supporting facility for industries such as tap water, telecommunications, electricity, heating, fire protection, and sanitation. So far, Changan's sales outlets have covered most parts of the country: in Tianjin Development Zone; In Dezhou, Linyi, Heze, and Jining, Shandong; In Huainan, Lu'an, and Fuyang, Anhui; In Shanghai; In Zhejiang, Henan, Jiangxi, Ningxia, and various counties and cities in Jiangsu, there are "Chang'an" products distributed throughout major trunk lines, docks, residential areas, and so on.

Facing today, we strive to create; Looking ahead, we are full of confidence. Chang'an Ren inherits glory and dreams, based on a strong foundation, and remains committed to being a runner in the composite material manhole cover industry as always!


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